MedTrace | MT-100

medtrace close up thumbnail

The challenge This revolutionary new technology required a housing that could accommodate both the technical and user interactive requirements the system demands. The safe handling of potentially hazardous materials was also a requirement. Preparation of the unit was also a consideration. When this took place, accessibility is needed to specific areas within the housings. These […]

X‑Drive | Autonomous Tool Carrier

product photo of x drive hero 2

Safety, robustness and technology MJID assisted X‑Drive robots with the Industrial Design development of an Autonomous Tool Carrier. Being a self-driving vehicle, it was important to create a design that would signal to the people it met that it is safe, intelligent and uses state of the art technologies. MJID worked in close collaboration with […]

Milford | Contrast Freestyle™

blade milford contrast freestyle graphics of green area with benches and bicycles

MJID was brought in to explore and create initial Industrial Design visions and preliminary construction principles for the new system. These visions are used to introduce the system to potential clients as well as being implemented in various projects.

Stensborg | HoloPrint® uniA6 DT

Stensborg HoloPrint uniA6 DT product photo

The Challenge The key Visual Design Identity challenge was how do we create an iconic design that tells the story of the state-of-the-art technology captured within the device. The technical challenge was how to configure the technology to achieve an optimized and miniaturized device solution. The Solution MJID worked in close collaboration with the Stensborg […]

Techvolver | Calvolver

TechVolver Calvolve thumbnail product photo

Our work

Nerve Smart Systems | Electric Vehicle Charger

photo of Nerve Charging Outdoors Battery Covers with city background

The challenge To design a charging station that catered to the various function requirements defined by Nerve Systems and fulfilled an important need to be visible and recognizable from a distance. The solution A robust and elegant tower with a horizontal ‘hi visibility’ signage header utilizing folded metal construction. Illumination was used to capture attention […]

Garia | Garia Utility

garia utility copenhagen forteaser sketch of man cleaning next to car

The challenge​ How do we design a UV that says to the pedestrians it meets on the streets and footpaths, “excuse me, can I come past?”. Can we provide an product expression that can fit into our cityscapes and not disturb the peace. The UV is also a space that users spend significant amounts of time. […]