Garia Utility

Utility vehicle

The Garia Utility is a road approved multipurpose utility vehicle for the Nordic market. MJID worked in close collaboration with Garia to refine the vehicle's design and construction principles as well as coordinating the production of a prototype for user testing.




  • Industrial
  • Mobility


  • Conceptualization and Ergonomics
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling
  • User Testing
garia utility car

The challenge​

How do we design a UV that says to the pedestrians it meets on the streets and footpaths, “excuse me, can I come past?”. Can we provide an product expression that can fit into our cityscapes and not disturb the peace.

The UV is also a space that users spend significant amounts of time. Can we make their day a little easier or more comfortable? To do this we needed to listen to users.

garia utility

The solution​

The solution was to see the front of the UV as a ‘face’ of sorts. It needs to have an expression, a character, that is not aggressive but welcoming… maybe even smiling. MJID also assisted Garia with ergonomics and features as well as production feasibility – optimization for small scale production, cost efficiency. Prototyping – 1:1 concept model and test stimuli was used to carry out User involvement and market testing in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland and England and make sure we received user’s input.

garia sideview version sketching
garia line drawing
two garia cars next to eachother
man putting gas into car
garia car utility
garia postnord car by the water