We are your partner from early ideation to production implementation. We work ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’ at the same time, combining our design- and engineering departments seamlessly.

‘Don’t just draw it…prove it’ were the instructions from our founder back in 1973. Since then, a new generation of designers has joined the MJID fold however this spirit remains. We pride ourselves on combining ‘tried and tested’ processes and methodologies with ‘state of the art’ technologies and creative tools. We work with all scales of clients from large international organizations to start-ups.



How we do it

Design Craftsmanship

We say it and we do it!

Our in-house model workshop gives us the ability to quickly build, test and learn.

A short way from idea to experiment.

Passionate approach

Good design comes down to talent and passion. Our team has drive, experience and competence. We know that our value is only as high as the team we can provide today.

Listen to the User

User Centered Design is a natural part of our process. Our designs are tested and verified by reality.

Creative tools for success

With 40 years of experience, we have optimized our tools for managing creativity and innovation, bringing our clients knowledge maximum in play.

Our Heritage

møller jensen innovation and design heritage

“Don’t just sit there and talk…
Build it!”

Jens Møller-Jensen

Our history began in 1965 when Jens Møller-Jensen started a creative design studio fully equipped with machines for model-making – the same practical approach we use today. It was one of the first design studios established in Denmark. The clients were local and international, and at the heart of each design delivery was “the model”. These handcrafted values are essential in the Danish design tradition.

In 1965 “Industrial Design” was a new discipline taught at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The Danish designer community began its evolution in these early days and Jens Møller-Jensen was the co-founder of various design socio-elements that we still know today. For example, the Danish designer organization The Danish Design Centre was located in his Nyhavn studio for several years.

From a “one-man show” – to today’s team of creative individuals, we have found a great balance between resource management and involvement.

A tradition that has evolved and vitalized from partnerships for over 50 years.


1965Jens Møller-Jensen
1990Peter Møller-Jensen
1992Møller-Jensen Design
2008Møller-Jensen Innovation & Design, Peter Møller-Jensen & Tue Toft
2020Møller-Jensen Innovation & Design, Peter Møller-Jensen, Tue Toft, Scott Allen
2021Design Engineering department


Some design changes that have occurred over the years:

  • from ’product driven’ to ‘project driven’
  • from “product function” to “user experience”
  • from ’technology-driven invention’ to ‘human-centred innovation’
  • from “Our way” to “Your way”
  • not just thinking from the ‘present forward’ but thinking from the ‘future back’