Blood flow imaging platform

MJID helped with the development of a Point-of-Care GMP-compliant chemistry lab (MT-100) that combines the production of 15O-water with the infusion of the tracer into the patient – in one automated process. Connected to a cyclotron, the MT-100 converts the 15O-gas to 15O-water. A unique injection system delivers the tracer to the patient via a venous catheter.




  • Industrial
  • Medical


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  • Ergonomic Models
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  • Visualization

The challenge

This revolutionary new technology required a housing that could accommodate both the technical and user interactive requirements the system demands. The safe handling of potentially hazardous materials was also a requirement. Preparation of the unit was also a consideration. When this took place, accessibility is needed to specific areas within the housings. These areas would then need to be sealed and enclosed during use. The ergonomic factors are both critical and challenging as the system also needs to accommodate a large variety of users.


The solution

By having housings that can open up and provide access into the unit, we could offer a ‘workstation’ configuration during preparation that could be closed and sealed during the daily procedures. A seated position also minimized the size of the unit and allowed for a broad range of user body forms and heights.