Design Strategy & Communication

We work closely with our clients to create roadmaps that ensure successful new product development. We understand corporate and professional culture and are skilled at providing you with the material you need to communicate your project and solution internally and externally. 

Understanding the product and its market

In order to make the right choices and decisions during the development of a new product we need to understand the product landscape. Where do we fit in the market? What are our competitors doing? What do our customers really need?

‘The key to the Solution lies in the definition of the Problem’

A balanced approach

The foundation for a successful project/product requires the perfect mix of USER needs solutions, TECHNOLOGY principles that provide features and production, as well as BUSINESS CASE calculation. It’s like a Tripod — each leg is required to gain stability.

‘Doing the right thing is as important as doing it well.’

Sustainability delivered through knowledge and experience

To deliver sustainable solutions one must have a comprehensive overview of a products journey, from its inception during design and engineering…all the way through to its end of life. This knowledge this the key to unlocking and accessing the tools we use to make the best decisions, not only for the product, but for the planet we live on. Sustainable solutions are an expectation.

Project communication

Stakeholder management is crucial for the success of a project in large companies, as well as in Startups. We can assist in creating the communication material — we know how to tell even complex stories.