HoloPrint® uniA6 DT

Nanoimprint lithography desktop and roll-to-plate (R2P) device

The Desktop R2P NanoImprinter unit is suitable for small-scale nanoimprint lithography work. This device is ideal for fast prototyping, testing, and characterization of the property of a structure, which includes work with photo-curable resins and imprinting materials.




  • Electronics
  • Industrial


  • Design Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Innovation Facilitation
  • Instructions for Use
  • Mechanical Concepts
  • Packaging
  • Styling
  • Visualization

The Challenge

The key Visual Design Identity challenge was how do we create an iconic design that tells the story of the state-of-the-art technology captured within the device. The technical challenge was how to configure the technology to achieve an optimized and miniaturized device solution.

The Solution

MJID worked in close collaboration with the Stensborg engineers to innovate on component configurations that would provide a more compact footprint. Components were shuffled and adjusted until a streamlined arrangement was achieved. It was this story that was also incorporated in the Visual Design identity with the iconic ‘flowing’ top colored surface representing the material flow through the system. This Visual identity was also meant to be implemented in larger scale In Line Printing Machines, where the Stensborg HoloPrint module should stick out from the many “Boxy” unites in the line.