Autonomous Tool Carrier

X-Drive Robots rover is the first fully automated fully multi-functional robot. Using the latest ultrasound navigation systems and 4x4 wheel drive to maneuver in all types of weather and all environments.



X-Drive Robots


  • Brand
  • Industrial
  • Mobility


  • Brand Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design Support
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling
  • Visualization
x drive autonomous tool carrier in use on sand

Safety, robustness and technology

MJID assisted X‑Drive robots with the Industrial Design development of an Autonomous Tool Carrier. Being a self-driving vehicle, it was important to create a design that would signal to the people it met that it is safe, intelligent and uses state of the art technologies.

MJID worked in close collaboration with X‑Drive to ensure a streamlined transition from the mechanical and technical elements to the exterior panels and interfaces.


A series of sensors were incorporated into the vehicle to ensure reliable data was constantly available regarding surrounding structures and obstacles and most importantly any people or animals.

picture of X-Drive Autonomous Tool Carrier in use in sand

Brand design

MJID developed the X‑Drive logo with an unmistakable ‘tortoise’ motif.

xdrive logos black and white versions
the development of picture of X-Drive Autonomous Tool Carrier prototype