Ortofon | Concorde MkII

ortofon mk2 on record zoomed in

New insights We gained user input through dialogue with marketing representative and end users including top European & Japanese DJ’s. Ortofon’s marketing team provide insights in to the market as well as their hopes and needs to ensure a robust business case could be reached. Respect for the original Designing the new Concorde was approached […]

AMBU | aBox™ 2

picture of the front of AMBU aBox

Previous Next MJID was part of the development team on the user centered journey to explore and define a new display and processing unit as well as endoscope and data connectors. Using iterations, testing and refinement we ensured our solution delivered an intuitive, safe, and reliable user experience. Our work, as always, was in close […]

Stensborg | HoloPrint® uniA6 DT

Stensborg HoloPrint uniA6 DT product photo

The Challenge The key Visual Design Identity challenge was how do we create an iconic design that tells the story of the state-of-the-art technology captured within the device. The technical challenge was how to configure the technology to achieve an optimized and miniaturized device solution. The Solution MJID worked in close collaboration with the Stensborg […]

Airofit | Smart breathing trainer

Airofit Smart breathing trainer red and black design scaled photo

The challenge To transform a basic, analogue medical device technology into a recognizable and commercially available advanced breathing training system. A system that utilizes mechanical airflow controls in parallel with intelligent electronics to provide real time information. This information is to be presented to users in the form of an App providing tracking, history, and […]

Hasselblad | H1

product photo of Hasselblad model close up

Evolving a Classic We are proud to have participated in ergonomic studies and recommendations on modularity, improved ergonomic grips and visual user interface. Product strategy: Spotting interesting technologies and describing possible new user benefits. Improved grip proposal: High-end looks-like models and ergonomic testing and refinement UX/UI: Ideation on menu structure and implementation via interactive prototypes

ReSound Unite™ | Wireless hearing aid system

product photo close up of ReSound Unite Wireless hearing aid system

The Challenge When ReSound contacted us, they already had a range of possible new products in mind. They had done a market research with inputs from users and defined the specific product needs. It was all clearly described in a detailed project brief that was the starting point for our job.   GN Resound Unite Phone Clip […]

Ortofon | 2M Cartridge series

picture of ortofon 2m cartridge series

The challenge Since the introduction of CDs and mp3 files, the mainstream market has switched to the practicalities of compressed digital sound. Yet dedicated Hi-fi enthusiasts and DJs across the world are committed to the uncompromised qualities of analogue sound. Ortofon is the world’s leading specialist and developer of Phono Cartridges and related Hi-fi and […]