Cartridge series

For Hi-fi enthusiasts who are committed to the uncompromised qualities of analogue sound, we have designed two cartridge series for Ortofon. We had a wonderful travel through the “Audio Universe”.




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Ortofon 2m mono photo

The challenge

Since the introduction of CDs and mp3 files, the mainstream market has switched to the practicalities of compressed digital sound. Yet dedicated Hi-fi enthusiasts and DJs across the world are committed to the uncompromised qualities of analogue sound.

Ortofon is the world’s leading specialist and developer of Phono Cartridges and related Hi-fi and DJ equipment. Ortofon uses the latest technologies mixed with superb craftsmanship to maintain its position on the market. Their acclaimed products provide music lovers with the most faithful and accurate sound reproduction. For Møller-Jensen ID it was a privilege to be the design partner in the development of the Ortofon 2M moving magnet cartridge series.

Ortofon had clear goals for their 2M line. They needed rigid housing to fit easily onto the most common turntables on the market and to perform within certain weight and sound characteristics. The housing should be built around the newest coil ”engine” and the magnet stylus was to be replaceable. Within these functional parameters, we set out to explore and find a visual expression that would appeal to Hi-fi enthusiasts and express accuracy and elegance.

A Visual Focus on the Nearly Invisible

Inspired by the shape of a diamond, whose contours gracefully trace the grooves on a record’s surface, we created a design direction consisting purely of glossy facets. The facet’s edges elegantly point forward to a visual focal point on the front of the cartridge, exactly where the tiny diamond stylus is mounted. By creating a visual focus on the nearly invisible diamond and scaling up this key component to tell a visual story of the cartridge, we emphasize the function and that this is a high-end product.

When the style direction and design for manufacturing principles were defined, the product was finalized for production by our trusted engineering partner Kapacitet A/S.

During the entire process, we worked closely together with the audio specialist and chief engineer at the cartridge development laboratory, Per Windfeld, who with 30 years of experience guided us in the “audio universe” and ensured the top performance of the cartridge. A great experience to work with an expert of that caliber!

We have currently designed two Hi-fi cartridge series for Ortofon. The Moving Magnet “2M” cartridge and the Moving Coil “Cadenza” cartridge along with various product graphics and packaging.