Smart breathing trainer

MJID was tasked with designing and developing the world’s first Smart Breathing Trainer. This system is comprised of both hardware, electrical and software elements that all had to work in unison to provide a state-of-the-art performance enhancing solution for athletes.




  • Consumer
  • Electronics


  • Brand Design
  • Digital Media
  • Industrial Design
  • Instructions for Use
  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling
  • UX
  • Visualization

The challenge

To transform a basic, analogue medical device technology into a recognizable and commercially available advanced breathing training system. A system that utilizes mechanical airflow controls in parallel with intelligent electronics to provide real time information. This information is to be presented to users in the form of an App providing tracking, history, and training guidance.


The solution

To develop a twin rotating valve system that provided stepped airflow control as the basis for the device. This technology could then be built upon to integrate airflow adjustment, sensors, and a detachable electronic module. A detachable mouthpiece was also developed to provide comfortable and secure hand free grip during use.


MJID constructed and detailed the device in preparation for tool design. All aspects of manufacturing and assembly were considered and implemented.

In parallel with the development of the device visual design identity, MJID explored and developed the app, website identity and brand logo.