Concorde MkII

DJ cartridge

After 40 years on the market, it was time for the iconic Ortofon Concorde pickup to have a design and technical refresh. It was our task to develop a 2nd generation design solution that moved the Concorde into the modern world and yet maintained a strong connection to its heritage. We were also challenged to explore and develop a new device architecture that accommodate optimization of the manufacturing and assembly.




  • Consumer
  • Electronics


  • Design Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Design Support
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling

New insights

We gained user input through dialogue with marketing representative and end users including top European & Japanese DJ’s. Ortofon’s marketing team provide insights in to the market as well as their hopes and needs to ensure a robust business case could be reached.

Respect for the original

Designing the new Concorde was approached with great respect for the original. How can we improve on such a successful product? We worked in close collaboration with the Ortofon team to create a detailed set of objectives the new pickup should achieve.

Ortofon_concorde_color variation

A better way

MJID facilitated workshops with Ortofon’s engineers and production leaders to identify areas where technical and DFMA improvements and opportunities lay. The outcome of this creative dialogue was a series of design adjustments that simplified the assembly process and provided a platform with the possibility for the manufacturing process to accommodate numerous models within the one product range.

Redesign of a classic

The design of new Concorde pick-up was treated with great respect for the original – ‘We worked with heritage’. A series aiming for different specific turntable professionals, DJ´s, Scratchers and other sound-artists.