AMBU | aBox™ 2

picture of the front of AMBU aBox

Previous Next MJID was part of the development team on the user centered journey to explore and define a new display and processing unit as well as endoscope and data connectors. Using iterations, testing and refinement we ensured our solution delivered an intuitive, safe, and reliable user experience. Our work, as always, was in close […]

Stensborg | HoloPrint® uniA6 DT

Stensborg HoloPrint uniA6 DT product photo

The Challenge The key Visual Design Identity challenge was how do we create an iconic design that tells the story of the state-of-the-art technology captured within the device. The technical challenge was how to configure the technology to achieve an optimized and miniaturized device solution. The Solution MJID worked in close collaboration with the Stensborg […]

Airofit | Smart breathing trainer

Airofit Smart breathing trainer red and black design scaled photo

The challenge To transform a basic, analogue medical device technology into a recognizable and commercially available advanced breathing training system. A system that utilizes mechanical airflow controls in parallel with intelligent electronics to provide real time information. This information is to be presented to users in the form of an App providing tracking, history, and […]

Luna | Ceiling lift

Luna | Ceiling lift ergolet front

We have worked for Ergolet on several occasions. In this case we were asked to join the process just before the final construction phase of a new ceiling mounted hoist named “Luna”. Our job was to design the user interfaces, find the overall style and form factor, as well as designing the external fittings. We […]

Coloplast | Peristeen®

close up photo of Coloplast Peristeen

Implementing concept visions into tangible test models and involving the user really makes the difference when designing future products in the highly competitive healthcare market. Coloplast A/S is a respected player on the global market for urostomy, continence, and wound care. Innovative products with a well-tested design have given them a strong brand. Products from […]

Mixing and administration device

Product photo of Shire c2 hero concept Mixing and administration device

The Challenge To create a user centric system that is so simple and intuitive that untrained users can navigate the steps required to successfully prepare a drug solution for dosing at home. The system also is to deliver the drug in user determined doses. The Solution MJID explored various drug mixing principles and dosing mechanical […]

Flow Robotics | Flowbot ONE

Flow Robotics Flowbot ONE close up of product

The Challenge To mature this sophisticated product and ensure the result is elegant, simple, and most off all intuitive and easy to use. The design of the product is to suit relatively small production runs and yet also be possible to scale up. The Solution To create a simple form with straight, tapered surfaces combined with […]