Mixing and administration device

Design exploration project

Create a patient-focused design that simplifies mixing and administration, and thus eases the burden for healthcare professionals.




  • Medical


  • Industrial Design
  • Innovation Facilitation
  • Instructions for Use
  • Mechanical Design
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling
  • UX
  • Visualization

The Challenge

To create a user centric system that is so simple and intuitive that untrained users can navigate the steps required to successfully prepare a drug solution for dosing at home. The system also is to deliver the drug in user determined doses.

Concept A

The Solution

MJID explored various drug mixing principles and dosing mechanical configurations. These principals were then matured to provide a safe and simple user experience. This resulted in two ‘tracks’, vertical configuration and a second horizontal direction. The work was done in close collaboration with Medicologic.

Concept B