flowbot® ONE

Liquid handling robot

flowbot® ONE is built with the purpose of making pipetting easy. With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour. Whenever a procedure changes in your lab there are no need for complicated programming. flowbot® ONE is a plug and play solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment.

MJID was part of a development team comprised of Flow Robotics, 2C A/S and us. Together, we were tasked with the development of the system. MJID were primarily tasked with the Industrial Design and user interaction design.

For more information, visit https://flow-robotics.com/products/flowbot-one/


Flow Robotics


  • Industrial
  • Medical


  • Brand Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Innovation Facilitation
  • Instructions for Use
  • Mechanical Principles
  • Product Graphics
  • Styling
  • UX
  • Visualization
Flow Robotics Flowbot ONE scaled next to person

The Challenge

To mature this sophisticated product and ensure the result is elegant, simple, and most off all intuitive and easy to use. The design of the product is to suit relatively small production runs and yet also be possible to scale up.

Flow Robotics Flowbot ONE

The Solution

To create a simple form with straight, tapered surfaces combined with carefully considered radii. A flush glass front door that follows the units form and lifts effortlessly out of the way to expose the interior workspace. The design provides opportunity for accessibility to clean and service the unit which is located in a laboratory environment.


The folded metal construction principle is suited to low production runs and fits seamlessly within laboratory environment. MJID focused on the development of door opening hinge principle to ensure a user-friendly interaction.