Aquatime | Intelligent Drinking Glass

close up of aquatime intelligent drinking glass blue background

The challenge “We want to provide senior citizens and health and caregivers with a good basis for preventing dehydration. Through insight into the elderly’s drinking pattern, we can document fluid intake, prevent dehydration and motivate a better life.” More than just a glass. AQUATIME is a cloud-based CareTech solution for preventing dehydration. AQUATIME is an […]

Novo Nordisk | Wegovy®

novo nordisk wegovy thumbnail picture

MJID was part of the development team to explore and define how Novo Nordisk could find a simple and intuitive solution that navigates the production and DFMA requirements, reflects a single use device and ensures a safe and compliant user interaction. Using iterations, testing and refinement we ensured our solution delivered an intuitive, safe, and […]

Luna | Ceiling lift

Luna | Ceiling lift ergolet front

We have worked for Ergolet on several occasions. In this case we were asked to join the process just before the final construction phase of a new ceiling mounted hoist named “Luna”. Our job was to design the user interfaces, find the overall style and form factor, as well as designing the external fittings. We […]


The challenge To design a vaccination extraction system that utilizes multiple ‘fine-tuned’ procedures, that in combination, can optimize the extraction of doses of vaccine from a vial. This optimization must provide the opportunity to extract 7 doses when ‘traditional’ methods only resulted in 5 doses being extracted. The solution Working in close collaboration with the […]

Hasselblad | H1

product photo of Hasselblad model close up

Evolving a Classic We are proud to have participated in ergonomic studies and recommendations on modularity, improved ergonomic grips and visual user interface. Product strategy: Spotting interesting technologies and describing possible new user benefits. Improved grip proposal: High-end looks-like models and ergonomic testing and refinement UX/UI: Ideation on menu structure and implementation via interactive prototypes

Garia | Garia Utility

garia utility copenhagen forteaser sketch of man cleaning next to car

The challenge​ How do we design a UV that says to the pedestrians it meets on the streets and footpaths, “excuse me, can I come past?”. Can we provide an product expression that can fit into our cityscapes and not disturb the peace. The UV is also a space that users spend significant amounts of time. […]

Coloplast | Peristeen®

close up photo of Coloplast Peristeen

Implementing concept visions into tangible test models and involving the user really makes the difference when designing future products in the highly competitive healthcare market. Coloplast A/S is a respected player on the global market for urostomy, continence, and wound care. Innovative products with a well-tested design have given them a strong brand. Products from […]