We know the challenges of Start-up ventures… We’ve done it ourselves!

How can we be involved?

MJID’s involvement in ‘Start ups’ will be scaled to fit your specific situation. We help you pick the services that bring most value and impact to your venture.

We understand the pressures and constraints that startups face, and we can help you to minimize risk and bring your success to your  endeavour.


What can we offer — designers, engineers, creative problem-solvers?

We can take a great ideas, they can be a ‘market need’ or a ‘technical principle’ and transform them into a viable product solution.


Our broad network 

Leverage our extensive network of suppliers and professionals including electrical and software engineers, patent lawyers and manufacturers. 

The winning Pitch…

We can assist with the production of stunning visuals, models, prototypes and material to help you communicate your business idea so you can attract investment.

The next step… Contact us.

First both parties must sign a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure your protected…and then let’s hear your story.

We make no promises other than you will get our time, our attention, and a recommendation from us on how you might want progress.