Industrial Design

From idea to prototype. We utilize years of experience combined with an insatiable curiosity to explore and define products that compete and succeed in today’s global markets.

The Art of innovation

Although surrounded by the latest design technologies and tools in our studio there is one traditional skill that continues to be a cornerstone in our process… sketching. Our highly skilled designers can realize ideas before your eyes. We listen, we think, and we create visualizations that capture principles, feelings… the essence of products functionality and identity.

Communication is the key

We assist you in communicating ideas, whether its with users to gain valuable input, suppliers to ensure feasibility or stakeholders to provide alignment. We have multiple digital technologies available to us from simple PowerPoint presentations and videos through to advanced CGI animations.

User testing

We often recommend getting insights from real users. It may be in a simple interview form with stimuli models to larger more structured tests and analysis. In the early phases, it ensures correct focus and prioritizing of different parameters. In the end phases, it gives strength to the conclusions and reveals trimming options.

Build and verify

Visualizations can carry a development a fair way, however, there is no substitute for physical models when a design is to be evaluated. The level of fidelity and detail of models can vary dramatically from a quick sketch ‘proof of concept’ models through to a fully working looks like a model. Utilizing our in-house workshop facilities we can machine, 3D print or even hand sculpt models.


MJID works on close collaboration with our clients to find sustainable product solutions. Understanding the product journey from manufacturing and distribution to ‘end of life’ enables us to navigate, optimize and minimize product environmental impact.

A defined solution

MJID delivers definition material or deliverables at the end of each stage of development. This material summarizes the result and can be shared with relevant parties. It can be in the form of 2D presentation material, 3D physical models, animations or interactive interfaces.