Aquatime | Intelligent Drinking Glass

close up of aquatime intelligent drinking glass blue background

The challenge “We want to provide senior citizens and health and caregivers with a good basis for preventing dehydration. Through insight into the elderly’s drinking pattern, we can document fluid intake, prevent dehydration and motivate a better life.” More than just a glass. AQUATIME is a cloud-based CareTech solution for preventing dehydration. AQUATIME is an […]

Novo Nordisk | 35 years of secrets

35 years of working with novo nordisk logo

Novo Nordisk (NN) is one of the leading manufacturers of insulin, growth hormone, and drugs for haemostasis on the global market. To offer the best treatments in a very competitive market, NN continuously develops new “easy to handle” treatment regimens with optimized injection devices and packaging concepts. The collaboration started in 1989, when Jens Møller-Jensen […]

Stensborg | HoloPrint® uniA6 DT

Stensborg HoloPrint uniA6 DT product photo

The Challenge The key Visual Design Identity challenge was how do we create an iconic design that tells the story of the state-of-the-art technology captured within the device. The technical challenge was how to configure the technology to achieve an optimized and miniaturized device solution. The Solution MJID worked in close collaboration with the Stensborg […]

UV Clinical | Medical Device Disinfection

UV Clinical Medical Device Disinfection product photo

The challenge This revolutionary new technology required a housing that could accommodate both the technical and user interactive requirements the system demands. The safe handling of potentially hazardous materials was also a requirement. Preparation of the unit was also a consideration. When this took place, accessibility is needed to specific areas within the housings. These […]

Teesuvac | Biopsy Gun

Teesuvac Biopsy Gun devices

Balance and control TeesuVac are developing a new efficient handheld untethered single-use automatic vacuum-assisted biopsy gun, for taking precise core biopsy samples of tissue, which on examination by pathologist can help detect diseases and to which extent they have developed. MJID was asked to assist with Industrial Design development based on a preliminary mechanical design. […]