NovoTwist™ needle

Injection needle

As pioneers we worked together with a small group of engineers from NovoNordisk. We were chasing a goal that every one said was unachievable due to a compatibility situation. Together we succeeded and made a huge change in the everyday use of insulin devices.

NovoNordisk (NN) is one of the leading manufacturers of insulin, growth hormone, and drugs for haemostasis on the global market. To offer the best treatments in a very competitive market, NN continuously develops new “easy to handle” treatment regimes with optimized injection devices and packaging concepts.


Novo Nordisk


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The challenge

The injection needle is the link between the injection device and your skin. Needles have not been changed radically over the last 20 years. Only the metal tube has been made thinner and shorter as a competitive factor.

This project was about making a new needle. A very small piece of plastic, with very small changes, made with extremely limited technical and geometric possibilities.


The Solution

In short the newly designed needle platform – NovoTwist®, offers an optimized handling when mounting and removing the needle from an injection device. This is done 5 times a day on average, and often very discretely. NovoTwist® also offers some radical new functional, ergonomic and visual elements in the housing near the needle tube. But above all, it is considered as a new “product standard” that will be implemented on future products and yet still connects to existing products.