NovoPen® 6 & NovoPen Echo® Plus

Smart insulin pen

The NovoPen® 6 & NovoPen Echo® Plus are new, smart insulin pens that automatically record insulin dosing information about each injection. NovoPen® 6 & NovoPen Echo® Plus are intended for patients who have been prescribed Novo Nordisk insulin in cartridge. MJID was tasked with developing the Pen User Interface and defining how the Industrial Design can be refined to accommodate the new technology based on the NovoPen® 5 platform.


Novo Nordisk


  • Medical


  • Industrial Design
  • Styling
  • UX
  • Visualization
product photo of novo nordisk novo pen Red and Grey Pen

The challenge

How do we provide a universally understandable user interface that clearly communicates how many units of Insulin you last injected as well as the time since your last injection. How do we integrate the new technology and yet preserve the design heritage and usability of the injecting pen.

product photo of novo nordisk novo pen grey pen close up

The solution

The solution was to differentiate the two types of information using both scale and font size. We also included a visual separating line that isolated the last dose injected size from the time since last injection. This line refers to the surrounding lens frame geometry of the dose display on the pen assisting the user in recognizing the information as Dose related. A white ‘look here’ ring was also included on the new interface window to align with the dose dialing indicator line in the dose window.