Open & Closed ostomy pouches

We have defined an overall design strategy and design manual to be the foundation for new ostomy products. A product family with a clear, subtle and intuitive design—inspired by the shape of the human body.




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  • Innovation Facilitation
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  • Styling
  • Visualization

The challenge

Millions of people have a stoma pouch attached to their body – all day, all week, all year. Many will have to wear a pouch for the rest of their lives. The challenge was to find an overall design that suits various types of users and scenarios, along with the functional constraints. The users range from children to the elderly, from active to bed-ridden, from big to small, male to female.

Dansac is an international company that develops, manufactures and distributes stoma care products in well over 30 countries. Dansac is dedicated solely to creating the best life-enhancing products, improving the quality of life for their customers. It is an intimate field and Dansac emphasizes a close dialogue with customers and stoma care professionals to meet their unique needs.

Patients have the same goal of being able to live as normally as possible after surgery. This is why the priorities are comfort, discretion and security. The result is a product family with a clear, subtle and intuitive design, inspired by the shape of the human body.

Laying the foundations

We worked closely together with Dansac to develop the Novalife product Series. Novalife is a family of products with a focus on an appealing and non-intrusive design. It features the latest technologies and yet incorporates the learnings from years of experience on the market. Our role was not only to design the first range of Novalife products, launched in 2010 but also to define an overall design strategy and a design manual to be the foundation for the continued development of new products.

We continuously work with Dansac and value this opportunity to work across disciplines, with R&D, marketing and production departments, in a company with the highest expectations for themselves and their partners.