Car One

Custom sports car

Our task was a unique and timeless small production run sports car for the UK market. A car to run on a 5 liter, V10 combustion engine with 500HP.


Design and styling


  • Mobility


  • Design Strategy
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping/Models
  • Styling
  • Visualization

The Challenge

To create a sports car that is fast, fun and can unmistakably unique. It is to be manufactured in small production runs, using fibre composition technologies and assembly by hand.  A kit car in principle. The vast majority of components are to be harvested from a donor car… a BMW M5.

VTR 56 custom sports car black
VTR 78 red custom sportscar
VTR 83 red sports car

The Solution

The team arrived at two solutions. One is inspired by classic European sports cars, Ferrari, Lotus and Alpha Romeo. The result was a sleek, sophisticated ‘mean machine’ born as a convertible… You know, an ‘air in your hair’ driving experience! 

Our other solution was a slender, unique design with an exaggerated front end ‘inhaling copious amount of air’ to feed the hungry V10 motor and powerful rear end to handle the massive power produced.


A labour of love

Our process involved many night-time team sketching sessions, hours of 3D CAD modelling and hands on sculpturing. We also held visits to the UK and Sweden to visit track days and gain a better understanding for what these special customers ‘burn for’. The project was driven by our passion for form, design and of course the further development of our skills as designers.