X‑Drive | Autonomous Tool Carrier

product photo of x drive hero 2

Safety, robustness and technology MJID assisted X‑Drive robots with the Industrial Design development of an Autonomous Tool Carrier. Being a self-driving vehicle, it was important to create a design that would signal to the people it met that it is safe, intelligent and uses state of the art technologies. MJID worked in close collaboration with […]

Teesuvac | Biopsy Gun

Teesuvac Biopsy Gun devices

Balance and control TeesuVac are developing a new efficient handheld untethered single-use automatic vacuum-assisted biopsy gun, for taking precise core biopsy samples of tissue, which on examination by pathologist can help detect diseases and to which extent they have developed. MJID was asked to assist with Industrial Design development based on a preliminary mechanical design. […]